The Technical Medical (TechMed) Centre brings together the health educational programs, the multidisciplinary research of research chairs across all faculties and the shared infrastructure.

In 2019, the new Technohal building will be the core of the TechMed Centre. It will be the home base for the students in our educational programs Biomedical Engineering, Technical Medicine and Health Sciences, several clinically oriented research groups, including some of the medical imaging and medical physiology labs and experimental hybrid OR’s, and for the TechMed simulation centre.

The TechMed Centre focuses on technological solutions that improve personalized healthcare related to a patient’s perspective and safe and innovative use of technology in the improvement of diagnosis and therapy. Some issues related to that may be purely technical or scientific, but other aspects are related to the organisation of the health care system, how innovations can be translated to public health and healthcare, the extensive testing of safety and efficacy of innovations, the adoption of new technologies in the clinical scene, and the education and training of professionals that can develop and use new solutions in healthcare. Hence, to have an impact on society all multi- dimensional aspects from idea to clinical implementation should be considered.

The TechMed Centre aims to facilitate the learning of competences of technical and (technical) medical professionals so they can easily apply their newly acquired competences in their own practice. We aim to inspire and stimulate the development of new solutions that eventually are applicable in a hospital or a home care situation improving healthcare and boosting the economy. In summary, we contribute to a personalized sustainable healthcare.